Pricing for Dogs


All Dogs

See our Boarding Packages, which can include a daily activity and treat!

Medical Boarding

Additional $10 daily to boarding package of choice (dogs requiring significantly more attention during their stay)
History of cardiac related issues, severe arthritis, insulin dependent/diabetes, seizure disorder, cancer, 4 or more different medications administered daily . THIS WILL BE DETERMINED AT TIME OF BOOKING & OWNER WILL BE ADVISED. Includes pill administration & hourly monitoring. Does not include any other medical services. Any additional services will be charged separately.

Doggy Day Care *

$45 per day per dog

Stay & Play *
Full Day of Doggy Day Care Fun while your pup is boarding with us!

10/15 minute Exercise Sessions; Walks/Playtime/Snuggle Time

30 minute Pool Time/Swimming
*weather permitting

30 minute swim session – $40 per session
30 minute swim instruction w/K9 Basics trainer – $60 per session

“Potty Walks” (up to 3 times daily, only if not eliminating in outside run)


*All dogs requesting “Doggy Day Care” or “Stay & Play” are required to pass a behavior evaluation by one of our K9 Basics trainers.