Dog Day Care

Dog Daycare

Dog Day Care Center South Jersey

Clif Wyck Farms Kennels offers exceptional “Dog daycare”. We never lose sight of your pet’s happiness, safety, and well-being.

Your dog will love coming to us because we provide programs where they can play all day. They will enjoy socializing, romping, and running all over.

Our 12,000 square foot play yard includes artificial turf, trees, pools and is partially covered for shade and inclement weather. In addition, we also offer a 3,000 square foot indoor facility. This building is both heated and air conditioned, so your pet will be comfortable regardless of the weather.

Why choose us?

  1. We do not group house dogs all day in a small, confined area, where they have no choice but to urinate and defecate indoors. (Often dogs who are in this type of situation will bring that behavior home!)
  2. We can separate small dogs and large dogs, when deemed necessary.
  3. We provide a structured program filled with group play, naptime, lunch and snack breaks. Dogs, like children, thrive on structure.
  4. We provide activities all day long. Pet sitters typically visit your dog 2 or 3 times each day, leaving them to potentially get into trouble. Dogs are social creatures and need activity.

Requirements prior to beginning our Dog Day Care Program

Before a dog joins our Dog Day Care group, they will be evaluated by one of our trainers to make sure she is able to socialize in a group environment. That ensures the safety of all the dogs in the group.

  • Female dogs, in heat, will not be permitted to participate in Group play
  • Those dogs deemed not eligible for Group play will be permitted for Modified dog day care