Cat Boarding

Kennel for Cats

Cat Boarding South Jersey

  • Comfy cots, cozy blankets, hiding cubbies
  • Food & water bowls
  • Minimum twice daily feedings
  • Breakfast between 8-9am & dinner @ 6pm. Dry and/or wet food will be left down all day upon request
  • Own food or “house” food is Friskies dry and canned cat food
  • We encourage parents to bring their pets’ own food to prevent belly upset. There will be no storage fee charged as long as the food is in a resealable plastic container. NO plastic bags.
  • Warm chicken or beef broth or cheese can be added to feeds to entice eating (no charge)
  • Hand feeding for those “finicky” or too nervous to eat (no charge)
  • We accept and prepare raw/natural diets or homemade diets
  • Day-long monitoring of your cat’s eating habits, fluid intake, eliminations and comfort
  • Twice daily bedding changes, cleaning of litter boxes, disinfection of kennel interior and as needed throughout the day
  • Playtime and/or cuddle time activities for a nominal fee


  • FVRCP – Feline Distemper
  • Rabies – 6 months and older only
  • Annual Fecal Test
  • Vet Signed Health Release