Dog Boarding For Seniors, Puppies and Pooches

Clif Wyck Farms Kennels – It’s the Dog Boarding Kennel the County Health Inspector uses as an outstanding example of how dog boarding facilities should be maintained and operated.

When we acquired the kennels in 2008, we did everything needed, and more, to build the kind of place where owners leaving their beloved pets would have complete peace of mind. We upgraded the entire facility. This included the installation of:

  • New stainless steel appliances
  • electrical systems
  • plumbing systems
  • septic tanks
  • alarm systems
  • central air-conditioning
  • radiant heat floors

Nothing was left out. We then instituted a set of protocols to ensure everything was run smoothly and up to our high standards for a clean and healthy environment.

Existing Medical Needs Catered For

Dogs are placed in kennels by age, as well as on the basis of whether or not they are new or “frequent flyers.” Seniors, puppies and dogs with existing medical needs are boarded close the office and kitchen area. This is so that they can be constantly monitored and observed. If they have an ‘accident’… it’s cleaned up right away.

Kennel Cards for Monitoring and Tracking

All interactions with your dogs are recorded on their Kennel Card. This is posted on the front of their kennel. It includes playtime as well as references to how they are eating and drinking.

Medically Trained and Responsive Staff

Our highly-qualified Clif Wyck staff are some of the best in the business. We’ve all received the latest training in First-AidCanine CPR and Doggy Heimlich techniques. Plus, we use a comprehensive medical healthcare checklist to monitor all pets under our care. NOTE: We’ve discovered problems that owners didn’t know existed, including urinary tract infections and even items of clothing that were ingested prior to coming to the kennels.

Rescue Remedy If Needed

In conjunction with our veterinarian’s recommendations, we have procedures to handle a variety of problems that your dog may have while here. If they need to go to the vet, we’ll take them. If needed, we also use Rescue Remedy, an all-natural herbal treatment. It has no sedation, narcotic or medicinal value, but it takes the “edge” off for them.

Odorless, Clean Surrounds

The biggest compliment we get is when people come in and take a tour and tell us that it doesn’t smell like a kennel. They say that they can’t smell the dogs and they don’t smell elimination. Why? Because it’s as clean as clean can be!

No Appointment Necessary

New clients aren’t required to make an appointment prior to coming in for a tour.

Nothing Is Off Limits

Just visiting? No problem. Feel free to roam anywhere in our facility. Anywhere at all… from the front office to both wings of the kennel; to the grooming and linen rooms; to the outside play-yards and runs. Nothing is off limits.

A Little Bach (No Pun Intended) In The Evening

At night, your dog is treated to doggy-friendly music. Everything from Native American flute to classical piano. One of the most requested pieces (by the dogs, of course) is “Classical Wolf”, a piece of music composed specifically for dogs. When we turn that on at night, ohhh man… the difference is amazing! The dogs are just plain ‘out to it.’ Either dead calm, or sound asleep and snoring contentedly.

Board and Train

If you happen to have a dog that not only needs accommodation for a set period, but also needs training, you’ve come to the right place. At K9 Basics we offer one of the largest professional dog training and boarding services in New Jersey. So, if you feel that you’d rather have your dog trained by a certified dog trainer than attempt it on your own, please don’t hesitate to ask us about the program.

We Can’t Help It If We’re Popular

It seems that the word has spread far and wide. How do we know this? Because we’ve got dog boarding clients coming from all over! Everywhere from South Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware and North Jersey… through to Connecticut and Vermont. We also have long term clients who frequently board for 3-6 months at a time.

So, whether your dog needs board and breakfast for a night, a week, a month, or even 6 months… just call us for a chat and then c’mon over and inspect the center.

Clif Wyck Farms Kennels (866) 592-2742

We handle and care for:

  • “No touch dogs”
  • Insulin dependent diabetics

at our facility.

We also administer subQ fluid treatments.