Dog Boarding South Jersey

Our pets are very loyal friends and extended family members. When boarding, a new environment, people, noises, scents are stressful enough so they need to be treated with the special love and attention they deserve. Here at Clif Wyck Farms Kennels, we make every effort to make sure their stay with us is extra special by treating them as if they were our own and providing them with the best care and surroundings. Our boarding prices include the following for your pet’s safety, comfort & happiness:

  • Comfortable Cots & Cozy Blankets
  • Food & water bowls
  • Minimum twice daily feedings – NO MORE than (2) cups per feed will be allowed – NO EXCEPTIONS! It will be broken down into additional feeds throughout the day
  • Pets are fed between 8-9am and 2:30pm, to allow for eliminations before bedtime. Feedings at 6pm will be done if needed for medication and/or amount reduction of a single feeding
  • Dry Food (Purina One Lamb & Rice)
  • Canned Food (“Protein Packed” Mighty Dog)
  • Friskies Dry or Canned Cat Food
  • Treats (milk bones)
  • Hot chicken/beef broth or cheese added to feeds to entice eating at no additional charge
  • Hand Feeding for those very “Finicky” eaters at no additional charge
  • No charge/storage fee for bringing your pet’s own food. We encourage you to bring your own to prevent any belly upset
  • We accept and prepare raw/natural diets, homemade diets at no extra charge unless there are (3) or more ingredients
  • Day-long monitoring of your pet’s eating, fluid intake, elimination and comfort
  • Up to (3) potty walks, FREE, for dogs who do not eliminate in their outside runs
  • Twice daily bedding changes & disinfection of interior kennels & as needed throughout the day
  • Twice daily cleaning/disinfection of exterior kennels & as needed throughout the day
  • Unlimited indoor/outdoor access, weather permitting
  • Elderly & arthritic dogs are monitored for joint care & stiffness and provided extra bedding at no additional charge*

Our staff spends an unusually large amount of time, checking in, washing, tracking, and storing bedding & toys. We prefer to be focused on your pet, so please limit your belongings to (1) favorite toy and (1) favorite blanket. If bringing your own food, please store it in an air tight container. Please do not bring your own food/water bowls or measuring tools, we will provide all of that. Rawhide or Greenie chew products are NOT permitted in the kennels. All medications should be separated by daily dosage, clearly labeled to identify the medication and time it should be dispensed. Medications MUST either be in their original container or “pill dispensers”. Pill dispensers are available for a nominal fee on site.

*Unless Owner/Management determines the dog/cat as a Medical Board!



  • DHPP; Lepto is optional, aka DHLPP
  • Rabies, 6 months and older
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza
We handle and care for:

  • “No touch dogs”
  • Insulin dependent diabetics
  • at our facility.

We also administer subQ fluid treatments.