Cat Boarding South Jersey

•Comfortable Cots & Cozy Blankets
•Food & water bowls
•Minimum twice daily feedings – NO MORE than (2) cups per feed will be allowed – NO EXCEPTIONS! It will be broken down into additional feeds throughout the day
•Pets are fed between 8-9am and 2:30pm, to allow for eliminations before bedtime. Feedings at 6pm will be done if needed for medication and/or amount reduction of a single feeding
•Friskies Dry or Canned Cat Food
•Hot chicken/beef broth or cheese added to feeds to entice eating at no additional charge
•Hand Feeding for those very “Finicky” eaters at no additional charge
•No charge/storage fee for bringing your pet’s own food. We encourage you to bring your own to prevent any belly upset
•We accept and prepare raw/natural diets, homemade diets at no extra charge unless there are (3) or more ingredients
•Day-long monitoring of your pet’s eating, fluid intake, elimination and comfort
•Twice daily bedding changes & disinfection of interior kennels & as needed throughout the day
•Twice daily cleaning/disinfection of exterior kennels & as needed throughout the day

Playtime and cuddle time available for a nominal fee.



  • FVRCP – Feline distemper
  • Rabies, 6 months and older